Traced Memories -The Contemporary Art of Jacek Macha Machowski

Beautiful Things


Memory. Trace. Purity of Form…

Formalism still has its place as we can plainly see in the work of Polish artist and designer Jacek Macha Machowski. There is a precision in the various abstracted almost industrial still lives and as well in the pieces that function as an expression of the dynamics of power, politics, namely the complexities of memory intersecting with culture and nationalism.

The artist in part intends the work to be open-ended, the abstraction and suggestion of memory allow a “body of works intentionally created in the way that makes single interpretation impossible. I want to leave the space for the recipient to let him/ her make his/ her own observations and reflections about the art-work. This approach is an integral part of my artistic work. “

Machowski demonstrates a subtle parsing of emptiness and gesture. A way with a Bauhaus like coolness and balance…

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