We Just Don’t Believe in Spam

We send your press releases, product lines and beautiful product samples and designs to only a few carefully selected industry creatives, innovators and trend setters. We do not spam hundreds of people with your brand.




We believe in controlled and curated content.

We promise to not ruin your reputation and waste all your hard work and time you spent building your brand, product, artwork or design.

After all, first impressions count.

And in the creative industry the way you present yourself is key. This means we will help you fine tune your branding materials so your clientele and audience want to keep looking and not press delete or want to google something entirely different.

So we do not believe in spam, it’s rude and not effective. xxooo



About Clementine Acton

We are a boutique concierge marketing and communications firm offering press and outreach services for luxury, niche and creative clientele including Designers, Artists, Craftspeople, Fashion and Interior Stylists, Haute Couture Brands and Specialist Architecture and Decor Lines.

We lend our expertise to curated programs for your brand, premiere, and new product lines including strategy, press relations and outreach, influencer programs, digital and social, brand elevation, content and reputation management.

We work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure your content is brand ready and innovative. Our speciality is well written content and beautifully presented imagery created and customized to elevate your brand to the next level.




The Clementine Acton group is your key to a profitable yet beautiful presence in the art, luxury commerce and design world. 


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