Australian Artist Ella Krestensen Debut at Art Next Expo Hong Kong Oct 6-9, 2017



Collage becomes abstraction with Ella’s Vignette series that assembles vibrant imagery to evoke the impression of the painter’s brush. Originally created as a way to begin producing new work for 100 days, the series has emerged as an expression of the importance of creativity and spontaneity. 



Savor the constantly changing beauty of the natural world in the new mixed media collages Luminosity (Lunar) a reimagining of the discoveries of Galileo. 

Feel immersed in the mixed media Ocean series. Painted from the vantage point of deep below Sydney Australia’s iconic ocean pools.

Luminous is a new series of stainless steel and plastic concentric forms seen through an engraved veil of William Morris’ thistle designs. The sculptures are a playful and magnified vision of natural spiral patterns like the Fibonacci sequence.

See more of the natural world in Ella’s Floating on Air paintings. These pictures evolved from aerial views of the majestic Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre basin, Australia. 

About the Artist

Ella Krestensen holds a MA, University of Wollongong, Australia, and her BFA, University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts. The artist’s award winning work been featured in over ten solo exhibits and more than thirty group shows and is found in numerous private collections worldwide.

This show will reveal new and exciting immersive work by the artist, and presents a truly unique opportunity for international collectors, galleries, and curators to experience Ella’s atelier practice.

A small artist catalog will be available gratis for your contemporary art library collection.

To see more of Ella Krestensen’s colourful and luxuriously beautiful work, please visit the artist at Booth C10–Ground floor | Street Address: PMQ, Central 35 Aberdeen Street, Central Hong Kong

Learn more about Ella’s practice @ellakrestensendesign

For more Information such as Press Inquiries + Image Requests:


Art Next Expo

Friday 6th October 

11am-4pm/Open to public

11am-6pm/International Artists Awards judging

230pm-330pm/Press Conference & Tour

5pm-7pm/VIP Preview

7 pm-10 pm Opening reception, International Artist Awards Presentation & Collectors’ Night

Saturday 7th + Sunday 8th October


Monday 9th October



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